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This is the FAQ for our Downloadable Content. For our card terrain FAQ go here.

1. What is Battle Systems™?
Battle Systems™ offers realistic sci-fi & fantasy terrain for table top gaming. It is a modular pod system that can combine to create the detailed interior of a space station, command centre, battleship cruiser or any other epic sci-fi interior. It can be used with a wide variety of role-playing miniature figure and gaming systems.

2. What scale is the system compatible with?
The system works within the 28 - 34mm miniature figure scale. This is the most popular scale for sci-fi miniature figures.

3. How do I get your products?
You can purchase them from our DLC Products page. You will receive a link to download the files containing the super detailed sheets that you will need to print yourself. Then following the tutorial videos on our website you construct the system yourself.

Payment is by PayPal or Credit/Debit card. All payments are made through PayPal so you can be assured your details are handled securely. You do not need a PayPal account to make card payments.

4. What will I need to build and assemble these pods?
Just a few basic materials that are available from most arts & crafts shops, such as mount board, glue, label paper, scalpels, etc. Check out our How it works page for more details. Also, check the Links page for details on where we get our own supplies.

5. What sort of printer will I need to print your products?
You will need a photo quality printer and photo quality paper. The one we used for all of the images and models on the website was a basic photo smart printer costing 39.99 GBP (about 50-60 USD). The brighter and clearer your prints the better your pods will look.

6. Will your product print okay on standard US letter sized paper? A4 is hard to get in the USA!
US letter will work fine, just make sure you print at 100%.

7. Some of my sheets print slightly over the edge of the paper.
Some printers may print with a bias to one side. First, make sure you're printing at 100%, second, printing at US letter rather than A4 may increase the margin space.

8. The printout looks funny and bits are missing.
This is normally because of an Adobe Reader setting. Make sure you're printing at 100%, the 'scale to print' is set to 'off' and you're printing as 'Portrait'. If that doesn't work please reinstall your Adobe Reader and printer drivers.

9. What is mount board? Is it another name for foam board?
Mount board (sometimes called mounting board or mountboard) is a highly compressed, sturdy form of card, not to be confused with foam board. There is a similar material called Matte board in the USA used for framing photos.

10. I don't have any 1.5mm mount board will any other thickness card do?
Not really, every component has been designed with 1.5mm as optimal, which is both thin enough to cut but thick enough to give good strength and durability. Folds and score lines have been measured to this thickness and if you change the size of the card the components may not line up properly. 1.5mm mount board is readily available from almost all arts & crafts shops.

11. Will I be able to build this without previous model making experience?
There should be no reason why not. We have provided full tutorial videos showing how to construct each of our products. There are also videos detailing basic model making techniques. Be advised, as you will need to use sharp scalpels our products are not for young children.

12. How long will it take me to build a full set?
That will depend on how large you want to make the set because you can make as many or as few pods as like. You should allow an hour for the first time you construct a pod as you will need to watch and follow the video tutorial. Once you know how a basic pod will take about 15-20 minutes.

The room packs are more complicated and can take longer, depending on your modelling skills; an experienced modeller can build a basic Foundation set in under 30 hours. We are very interested in hearing about your own experiences, feel free to drop us a line, send photos etc., we love feedback and will post anything cool on our Facebook page.

13. What format are the download files in?
We provide them in the common file format, PDF, which can be read by the free program Adobe Reader. The files are zipped and need to be opened with freely available software such as WinZip for Windows or Zipeg for Mac.

14. How many times can I download each purchase?
You may download each product up to five times although once should be sufficient. Be sure to backup your files as we will not be able to offer further downloads once you have used your limit.

15. How long will these models last once built?
If stored well in a sturdy container and away from damp and extreme temperatures they will last for years. The models are designed to be stacked and can be housed in plastic storage boxes.

16. I can’t view the Tutorial videos.
All of our videos are hosted on YouTube so either your internet connection is down or you need certain plugins to view them. You may need to visit the YouTube website and find out what updates you will need. Alternatively, we can offer a disk with all of our videos to date but there will be a small fee involved.

17. Can I return your products for a refund?
Due to the nature of our product being ‘virtual goods’ you are not able to make returns and all transactions are final. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase(s) please contact us at

18. Are your products available anywhere else?
Yes, you can now buy our products through Wargame Vault and its sister sites, DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

19. What's the difference between this and your card terrain?
The card terrain is much faster to build and aimed at gamers. The DLC is more detailed and aimed at hobbyists who enjoy making terrain.

20. Do you produce a non sci-fi fantasy version of this system? Like medieval times?
Right now, no. However, we do have some prototype designs that we would like to develop to expand our range to include fantasy scenarios with medieval type buildings and interiors.

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